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Statement by the NAM in connection with the wave of mass repression on November 28, 2023

This morning, starting at 7 a.m., mass searches were initiated at the residences of the members of the National Anti-Crisis Management team and their relatives within the territory of Belarus.

Subsequently, the Investigative Committee of the Lukashenko regime announced that more than 100 individuals, including members of Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya's Office, the Coordination Council, the United Transitional Cabinet, and the National Anti-Crisis Management, have been recognized as suspects, allegedly for actions aimed at seizing power and engaging in extremist activities.

In response to these events, we declare that the democratic forces of Belarus will not cease our struggle for a free, democratic, and independent European Belarus. Those criminals, led by Lukashenko, who perpetrate mass crimes against humanity and war crimes against Ukraine and Ukrainian children, will be held accountable.

You entered our homes without warrants, but we will return to you with warrants.

Furthermore, those responsible for today's regime actions, this deplorable mass raid, will be included in our sanction proposals.

We will not stop. Our actions will persist.

Long live Belarus!


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