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Stepping up efforts to hold accountable for crimes against humanity in Belarus

Call for joining forces

The National's Anti-Crisis Management team, together with partners from the human rights and lawyer communities, has been consistently making efforts since the fall of 2020 to activate the mechanisms of universal jurisdiction. The goal is to bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against humanity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the direct perpetrators of torture and violence.

According to the information we have, applications have been submitted in several European countries: Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland. Among the victims are not only citizens of Belarus, but also residents of these countries. Each country has its own specific legal requirements. At the moment, applications are at different stages of consideration, but the overall picture is still disappointing: not a single suspect has yet been put on the wanted list. In the current situation, this is our first priority.

We continue to seek help and expertise from all who are willing to actively participate in this important work. In particular, we invite victims, including political prisoners released from places of detention and subjected to violence or torture, to contact us via email or through our Telegram chat bot.

We invite lawyers and legal experts to share their ideas on how to effectively ensure access to justice for victims, given the difficult situation in Belarus and the differences in the legislation of different countries.

We see the need and prospects for increasing the number of applications submitted and expanding the geography of countries in which they will be considered. We are convinced that achieving a critical mass of statements can be a key factor in overcoming bureaucratic obstacles and stimulating European officials to take bold and decisive action in this direction.

Join the discussion, share your ideas and suggestions. Your contribution can be decisive.



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