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The Czech Republic supports democratic Belarus

Photo: NAM-media

Senators in the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic are initiating the issue of holding representatives of Lukashenka's regime accountable.

Simplifying the legalization of Belarusians in the Czech Republic and holding representatives of the Lukashenka regime to account are the main topics of discussion during the meeting of the Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet Pavlel Latushka and representatives of non-governmental organizations of Belarus with members of the Czech Senate delegation and the Czech Ambassador to Poland Břetislav Dančak as part of the Mitterrand breakfast, the tradition of which was established on December 9, 1988 in Prague.

During the meeting, Pavel Latushka made suggestions on the following issues on behalf of the democratic forces:

  • on the need to use tools of universal jurisdiction within the framework of Czech legislation to prosecute persons guilty of repression against the Belarusian people; 

  • on the importance of using the "Magnitsky Act", adopted by the Czech Parliament in order to implement national sanctions of the Czech Republic against representatives of the Lukashenka regime; 

  • on the non-recognition of the “elections” that Lukashenka's regime plans to organize in February 2024; 

  • on the possibility of releasing Belarusian political prisoners.

The senators and the ambassador of the Czech Republic expressed their readiness to work through the issues raised by the representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus, which were discussed during the meeting.

The head of the Czech delegation, Senator Raduan Nwelati, informed that he will hold a meeting with the Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic, during which he will emphasize the importance of using the tools of universal jurisdiction and solving the problems that prevent the use of this tool. Also, proposals on the use of the "Magnitsky Act" in the Czech Republic for the application of sanctions, as well as the possibility of appointing a special representative of the Czech Republic for Belarus, will be submitted to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The issue of the legalization procedure for Belarusians who are forced to leave the territory of Belarus due to repressions and need to be granted the status of political refugees and simplify the procedure for issuing documents for Belarusian citizens who have problems related to the expiration of their passports was discussed separately. The topic of importance of improving procedures and opportunities for obtaining visas for citizens of Belarus was also noted.

The Mitterand breakfast was also attended by representatives of the National Academy of Sciences, the Belarusian Press Center, ISANS, CBS, the Belarusian House in Warsaw and Euroradio.

Pavel Latushka thanked the Czech side for supporting independent media, and also noted the importance of the fact that the Czech Senate was one of the first European parliaments to recognize the KGB and GUBAZIK as terrorist organizations in February 2023.


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