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The regime's propaganda is active and people are increasingly turning to truthful sources

Pavel Latushka Source: NAM-media

Pavel Latushka in an interview with the Ukrainian magazine Novoe Vremya

If Lukashenka does decide to openly participate in the war, he will look for provocations from Ukraine, and if he fails to find them, he will organize them himself. Even if he succeeds, the level of military training, the lack of combat experience, and the level of armament in the Belarusian army are extremely low for a war of this scale.

It is highly probable that after crossing the border with Ukraine, Belarusian soldiers will oppose Lukashenko or surrender. This would be the end of the dictatorship. As we can see, Lukashenko is not ready to take such a risk yet.

The propaganda of the regime is actively working and continues to mislead people. Because of this, they are looking for truthful sources of information, the need for independent media is constantly growing. We need to limit the availability of false information.

Belarusians continue to resist the dictatorship and help the Ukrainian people: they hold railroad actions, help refugees and collect money to help Ukrainians, as well as conduct an information campaign to influence the desire of the Belarusian military to attack Ukraine.


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