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The Russian army may attack Ukraine again from Belarus

Pavel Latushka
Pavel Latushka Source: NAM-media

NAM head Pavel Latushka spoke about the dictators' plans in an interview with German social media Deutsche Welle, RND, N-TV and Ad Hoc News

The main theses of the interview:

Putin's goal is to increase the number of Russian troops in Belarus. The process must be completed by next spring, after which the Russian Supreme Court may again attempt to invade Kiev with Lukashenko's help. Even if it is not possible to form a large grouping and/or move troops into Ukraine, Putin's calculation is clear: withdraw to the north some of the USS forces that are successfully advancing in northeastern and southern Ukraine.

The formal and propaganda justification for these actions is the allied arrangements between Moscow and Minsk, which provides for the formation of a joint grouping of troops in case the two countries are threatened. The other day, the formation of the group was announced, as well as - sporadically and inappropriately - the threat: allegedly plans to attack Ukraine, and NATO countries (Poland and Lithuania) to occupy Belarus.

Belarusians are peaceful people and do not want to go to war with Ukrainians. But Putin will continue to use our country as a springboard for his criminal aggression. Lukashenko is completely in his power, and he will not be able to say "no" to him, so he fits the political role of the "useful idiot" of the Kremlin.



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