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The state of the academic environment in Belarus

BSU students blocked Leningradskaya Street, Minsk, Oct. 2020 Source:

Report of the Belarusian Students' Association

This report was prepared by the Belarusian Students' Association in cooperation with the Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee to inform concerned parties on the repressions in the Belarusian academia and is a continuation of the report on violations in the academia during the period of August-December 2020.

This document is not intended to be an exhaustive source of evidence of persecution but was created to facilitate understanding of the depth of repressions and the degree of involvement of university administrations in it, as well as for use in raising awareness of violations of the rights of academics in and outside of Belarus in 2021.

All materials are collected directly from independent university student associations that are part of the BSA, as well as from openonline sources of information. All statistics are taken from the Honest University database and include the entire period from 2020 to the present. The report also contains recommendations for European actors to work on all the violations mentioned in the document.


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