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149 Western companies have suspended their activities in Belarus because of the regime's aggression

More than 700 companies and services have stopped working in Russia since the start of the war in Ukraine. During this period, 149 companies stopped cooperating with Belarus as a country complicit in the aggression against Ukraine

The NAM team prepared and sent appeals to the companies which stopped cooperating with Russia, but which continue to work in Belarus, within the framework of the "Not a cent for war" campaign, demanding to stop the cooperation with Lukashenko’s regime, who usurped the power in Belarus.

Why do companies, having broken off relations with Russia, continue working at the Belarusian market?

Because why stop doing business when it is so tempting to take part in creating offshore companies in Belarus for Russia and keeping their profits? When it becomes impossible to do business safely in Russia every day and image risks increase, in Belarus you can keep your company without losing face, in their opinion. But it will not be the same as before. The world is demanding more and more from everyone a clear position on a certain issue — for or against the war?

By ceasing cooperation with Russia and Belarus, companies declare their unwillingness to finance senseless aggression, murder and violence, and they have no doubt that the two regimes — Putin in Russia and Lukashenko in Belarus — are responsible for the war in Ukraine.

Belarusians, support our "Not a cent for war" campaign by sending appeals to foreign companies to stop financing the war. The NAM has prepared a list of companies and links to their social networks, where you can publish your appeals.

Diasporas of Belarusians, hold actions near the offices of companies calling on them to stop sponsoring Lukashenko’s regime by suspending their activities in Belarus.



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