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Priority areas of work for the NAM team

The NAM sent a number of requests to suspend the powers of the Lukashenka regime in the international arena and bring Lukashenka and his accomplices to criminal liability

Depriving the Lukashenka regime of the right to represent the interests of Belarus in the international arena and bringing him to criminal responsibility for committing war crimes and an act of aggression against Ukraine are the priorities of the NAM team at the moment.

What has been done by our team lately?

1) We have applied to a number of international organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the Council of Europe, with a demand to suspend the regime powers and deprive the accreditation of representatives of the Lukashenka regime in these organizations.

2) The NAM team also appealed to the International Criminal Court and the participating countries with a request to give a legal assessment and consider the equal role of the Lukashenka regime in Putin’s act of aggression against Ukraine within the framework of Ukraine’s application against Russia.

3) In addition, an appeal was sent to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine with a request to initiate criminal proceedings against the senior command staff of the Lukashenka regime on the fact of complicity in the aggression against Ukraine and placing these persons on the Interpol wanted list.

4) Work continues in the direction of applying sanctions to the Lukashenka regime that are symmetrical to those already adopted against Russia. Belarus cannot and should not become an offshore country for Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

Time to act!


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