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A painting from the famous protest series by Olga Yakubovskaya was transferred to the Museum of Free

Olga Yakubovskaya's painting "At Christmas..."
Olga Yakubovskaya's painting "At Christmas..."

A lot from the charity Christmas auction of the Belarusian Council of Culture — Olga Yakubovskaya's painting "At Christmas..." — was transferred to the Museum of Free Belarus for storage.

The main characters of Olga Yakubovskaya’s works are the well-known white-red-white cats, in which the talented artist embodies the image of Belarusians. A series of Olga’s paintings is a striking example of protest art, with the help of which the author, starting in the summer of 2020, records and depicts every important phenomenon and famous heroes of Belarusian events.

The winner of the charity auction who bought the painting was Ivan, a Belarusian programmer living in Georgia. This is not his first participation in charity auctions organized by the Belarusian Council of Culture, the proceeds of which are directed to support repressed figures of Belarusian culture.

The People's Anti-Crisis Management expresses sincere gratitude to Olga Yakubovskaya, Ivan and the Belarusian Council of Culture for supporting the project to create the Museum of Free Belarus. We continue to collect suggestions and information about objects of museum value related to the Belarusian protests through the @NAUsupport chatbot. All information about the owners of items donated to the museum will remain anonymous if they so wish.

Together we will preserve our history!


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