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Vladimir Neklyaev donated his book to the Museum of Free Belarus

With faith in Free Belarus and in the people who create it

Vladimir Neklyaev wrote such inspiring words on a copy of his book "Gey ben ginom", which became another gift for the Museum of Free Belarus.

At the end of last year, the presentation of the novel was a success in Poland and Lithuania.

The edition with the original autograph of the author, whose life and work is devoted to serving independent and sovereign Belarus, has become a valuable asset of the museum’s collection of printed publications.

Vladimir Neklyaeu also joined those who signed an open letter to UNESCO with a request to draw the attention of the international organization to the repressions and harsh pressure of the Lukashenka regime on Belarusian culture and its figures.

The National Anti-Crisis Management expresses gratitude to the respected Vladimir Prokopovich, and also thanks all Belarusians who donate museum items and their digital copies as a gift to the Museum of Free Belarus.

Your information submitted via the @NAUsupport chatbot will remain anonymous if you wish. Together we will preserve our history.


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