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Aliaksandr Azarau addressed Belarusians regarding potential mobilization in the country

Aliaksandr Azarau: "We cannot confirm a covert or open mobilization in Belarus now. But we can certainly confirm events aimed at adjusting the mobilization plans and enhancing the Armed Forces' preparedness for mobilization.

No one can guarantee that people won’t be drafted on mobilization soon after they show up at the enlistment office upon a notice or for military training.

No one can guarantee that Lukashenka won’t give up the country to Putin.

No one can guarantee that Lukashenka won’t enter the war.

No one can guarantee that Lukashenka won’t announce a partial mobilization or start a covert one.

It is in Belarusians' interest to sabotage an illegal mobilization.

In case someone attempts to hand you in a notice, make sure they can never do that. Do not open the door, do not check your mail, do not answer calls from unknown numbers. Do not answer text messages and don’t admit that you’ve read ones you received. Ideally, you should temporarily move somewhere else from your place of registration. Never show up at the military enlistment office. The regime does not have enough resources to find every dodger and take them to the enlistment office.

We have greatly intensified our preparations for the Peramoga plan. Sign up for it. Get ready to stand up for your future. We are getting ready, too".


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