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Belarusian-Ukrainian forum

Belarus-Ukraine forum
Source: NAM-media

NAM team representatives at the Belarusian-Ukrainian forum

Representatives of the National anti-crisis management took part in the Belarusian-Ukrainian forum in Lvov and also held a number of meetings in Kiev aimed at uniting efforts to bring to justice the Lukashenko regime's law enforcement officers.

The Belarusian-Ukrainian forum was held from December, 9 till December, 11th in Lvov with participation of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the United Transitional Cabinet, the National anti-crisis management, the regiment named after Kastus Kalinovsky, the Ukrainian and Belarusian politicians, experts, representatives of public and volunteer organizations.

NAM representatives acted as experts on the panel "Rights during war — challenges for the Belarusian community in Ukraine”. During the discussion a separate block was dedicated to the problem of criminal prosecution of the regime’s enforceres, which used torture not only to the Belarusians, living today in Ukraine, but also to the citizens of Ukraine, injured during the protests in Belarus.

Angelika Melnikova, The Project Manager NAM: "The forum touched upon many topical issues of interaction between Ukraine and the democratic forces of Belarus in various directions. We are very grateful to all who took part in this dialogue. However, it is time to act!

Having seen the interest of our Ukrainian partners in cooperation, we decided to start work right on the spot. Immediately after the forum, where we received useful contacts for further cooperation, my colleague and I went to Kiev. Within three days we managed to meet with a Verkhovna Rada deputy with expertise in the issues we were interested in, with representatives of the prosecutor's office, a lawyer and victims.

We discussed the mechanics of further actions on filing claims of torture and illegal detention within the national jurisdiction, we worked out a concrete algorithm of promoting the idea of recognizing the KGB and The Main Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption as terrorist organizations and provided legal justification for this.

We hope that in the near future a special Ukrainian-Belarusian working group will be created in Kiev for practical solution of current problems and further interaction, which will include representatives of the National Anti-Crisis Management".


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