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Valery Kavaleuski and Alina Koushyk met with parliamentary group For Democratic Belarus in Kyiv

Source: NAM-media
Source: NAM-media

United Transitional Cabinet Representative For Foreign Affairs Valery Kavaleuski and Representative For National Revival Alina Koushyk held a working meeting in Kyiv with MPs Oleksiy Goncharenko, Vadym Halaichuk and Bohdan Yaremenko, who head the Interfaction Association For Democratic Belarus within the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

At the meeting they:

  • discussed their positions on the involvement of the Lukashenka regime in the war against Ukraine;

  • defined coordinated actions in the political field;

  • outlined directions for cooperation in national revival;

  • agreed to expand contacts between the civil societies of democratic Belarus and Ukraine;

  • decided to develop bilateral relations and maintain working communication to achieve common goals, i.e. to defend the independence and sovereignty of Belarus and Ukraine.



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