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"Belshina" has sunk to a loss of 68 million euros per year / Destroyer of legends of the Belarusian industry

"If "Belshina" had not worked in 2020, it could have paid workers almost 700 euros a month in unemployment benefits"

The latest issue of the NAM rubric "Destroyer of legends of the Belarusian industry". In each episode, we compare the industrial legends of Belarus with similar enterprises in the world. The head of the column is Mikhail Kirilyuk, head of the NAM justice team, anti-crisis manager with 5 years of experience.

Today we are comparing the Belarusian giant in the field of tire production — "Belshina" — and the Finnish manufacturer Nokian Tires.

What will you learn:

  • how many millions of euros has the economy of Belarus lost thanks to the "strong business executives" of the Bobruisk enterprise;

  • what are the sales volumes, net profit and profitability of Belshina and Nokian for 2020;

  • how "efficiently" Belshina works in comparison with Nokian.

Enjoy watching!



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