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Lukashenka copies Hitler's economy

"The Lukashenka’s regime is building an economic model following the example of Nazi Germany — his latest decisions are evidence of this"

The Head of the the NAM Pavel Latushka told how Lukashenka is building the Third Reich in the economy — on the example of the Decree "On stabilizing the financial condition of organizations" and the previously adopted draft law "On changing laws on guaranteed compensation for bank deposits."

1) Where do we see a clear parallel with 1934, between Hitler’s economy and the latest decisions of Lukashenka, and what awaits Belarusian banks, depositors and business in the near future.

2) What is wrong with the changes in the legislation on guaranteed reimbursement of deposits, what powers the Development Bank and how the regime deprived Belarusians of guarantees for the return of deposits.

3) According to decree No. 391, Lukashenka created a financial pyramid to launder the debts of the unprofitable public sector and force banks to endlessly issue new loans to it — with the help of the Asset Management Agency.

4) How are the bonds of the Development Bank and the Asset Management Agency secured? How with their help the regime intends to force Belarusians and Belarusian business to fully support themselves.

5) What is the current situation in the economy and whether sanctions are to blame for it.

6) Why some Belarusians again took their money to banks and how the regime plans to steal it.

7) How can we prevent the formation of the Nazi economy in our country, protect our economic interests and what the NAM offers.

The text version is available here.

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