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Criminal charges for violence on Okrestina

Filing criminal charges for violence on Okrestina. We need your help!

The NAМ team has gathered materials on several victims of violence in the Okrestina detention center to submit to Polish law enforcement. Our team also found attorneys who prepared free of charge applications for criminal cases. If these criminal cases are initiated, we will demand that the suspects be summoned to Polish law enforcement authorities and declared internationally wanted.

According to Polish law, law enforcement agencies accept documents only from a licensed interpreter (sworn translator). The translation includes legal and medical documents confirming the fact of violence. All sworn translators we have contacted are ready to work on their standard terms.

The exact amount of money for a translation will be known after it is done, but at the moment it already amounts to at least 5000 PLN. If a translator can do it for less money, the balance will be used to translate similar applications in other countries, where the NAМ is also preparing applications for filing with local prosecutor’s offices.

We need your help to provide these documents for the victims of violence in Belarus and to work to bring all the perpetrators to justice. Fundraising for documents to be submitted to the law enforcement authorities in Poland.

Help your loved ones first and, if you still have the opportunity, support the work of our team as well: link.


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