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Czech Parliament on the side of democratic Belarus

Source: NAM-media

In Prague Pavel Latushka met with the Vice-Speaker of the Czech Parliament Olga Richterova and members of the parliamentary group "Friends of Free Belarus"

During the meetings the following issues were discussed:

  • visa policy in relation to citizens of Belarus;

  • organization of a round table in the Czech Parliament on Belarus in order to identify the most important areas of support for democratic reforms;

  • inclusion of the KGB and Main Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption (GUBOPiK) of the Interior Ministry of Belarus into the list of Czech terrorist organizations;

  • criminal prosecution of representatives of the Lukashenko regime for crimes against the Belarusian people and the war against Ukraine.

  • informing about the activities of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus and establishing contacts with the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

During the meeting with the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Pavel Latushka said that Belarusians should not be held responsible for the actions of Lukashenko's regime by imposing visa restrictions on Belarusian citizens. This shift of responsibility to the Belarusians is absolutely unacceptable. The NAM head drew attention to the support of the Belarusian civil society for Ukraine in the struggle against the aggression of Russia and the Lukashenko regime.

The opening of the office of democratic forces of Belarus in Prague, which is scheduled for the near future, was discussed with members of the group "Friends of Free Belarus".

Pavel Latushka together with Czech deputies opened the Free Belarus exhibition in the center of Prague.

An agreement was reached to keep in constant contact with Czech parliamentarians in order to intensify pressure on Lukashenka's regime and bring him to account for the crimes committed against the Belarusian people and international security.

Pavel Latushka also gave an interview to the Czech national television and the largest Internet portal Seznam on the activities of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus and mass repression in the country.


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