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First Congress of the Belarusians in the Czech Republic

Pavel Latushka, a representative of the United Transition Cabinet of Belarus on the transfer of power, addressed the participants of the First Congress of the Belarusians in the Czech Republic with a welcoming speech. The participants were greeted by Ivonka Survila, Chairperson of the BPR Council, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, leader of the Democratic Belarus, and Klara Šimáčkova-Laurenčikova, Human Rights Ombudsman of the Czech Republic.

The main theses of Pavel Latushka's speech:

  • This is a historic congress of Belarusians in exile. Belarusians, who, like their predecessors - the keepers of the BNR traditions, are turning to their roots to build a new country, relying on the heritage of the great enlightener and first printer Francysk Skaryna.

  • The Czech Republic has become a home for Belarusians, a hospitable but temporary home. We will all surely return to Belarus - our safe, secure, untouchable and free Home, our native place.

  • All of us are now creating the history and future of our country. But it is important not just to make, but to finally make history - to move forward in building and constructing a new, democratic and free Belarus.

Alina Kovshik, a representative of the Cabinet of National Revival, experts and activists from various spheres also took part in the forum. They will report on important problems of Belarusians in the Czech Republic: from legalization problems and banking services to diaspora cooperation and political situation in Belarus and across the country. The topic of assistance to Belarusian volunteers, who are fighting in Ukraine for the territorial integrity of the country, will be discussed separately.


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