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Development of personnel reserve for a New Belarus

Press release marking 100 days of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus on December 2, 2022

In total, since the start of the campaign, about 100 applications have been received The average figure is 10 applications per day 1/3 (33%) of applicants have work experience in the public sector 5% indicated "civil servant" as the main place of work during the last 10 years 35% of applicants are in Belarus 65% — outside Belarus, respectively.

The main element of security for applicants is the separate storage of personal data. After verification of the application, it is assigned an account number and personal data related to the application account numbers, which are stored separately from the main server. The operator who will work with the database can, for example, select applicants for participation in educational programs, in accordance with the set criteria, but will not know whose application it is. Therefore, unauthorized access to the database (which is excluded, thanks to the use of digital security mechanisms) or internal leakage, will not lead to the disclosure of personal data.

When filling out the form, the applicant can indicate whether he is in Belarus or not, as well as whether he feels safe and gives his consent to the use of his name in the communication process.

Yuri Gubarevich, deputy Cabinet representative for transit of power, announces the launch of the campaign "Personnel Reserve for the New Belarus"

  • The personnel reserve answers the question: how will the public system function after the change?

  • Through internships in EU countries, we will train professionals who will take up public office and implement reforms.

  • Current officials who disagree with the regime, as well as Belarusians who have left Belarus for political reasons, are welcome to participate confidentially in the training.

  • We will make sure that the personal data of all participants, especially those in Belarus, is kept safe.

  • Change is bound to happen. And now we use the time to prepare and grow professionally.

  • An online platform has been set up for recruiting members of the personnel reserve, where an application form can be filled in for participation.

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