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Education of Belarusians


Poland goes towards

January 24, Pavel Latushko as a member of the delegation of the United Transitional Cabinet, headed by Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, took part in a meeting with Minister of Education and Science of Poland Przemysław Czarnek.

During the meeting, the head of the NAM proposed to discuss in more detail the training of personnel for our country on the basis of Polish universities. In particular, the project "Personnel Reserve for the New Belarus" is a joint initiative of the United Transitional Cabinet, National Anti-Crisis Management, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's Office and the movement "For Freedom”. The main task is to prepare qualified specialists who will replace former officials of the regime during the first period after the end of Lukashenko's rule.

The Minister welcomed the creation of the project and promised to analyze the possibilities of the Polish educational system — to prepare the specialists, meeting the requirements of the difficult transition period in our country. As Przemyslaw Czarnek assured, the Polish side will develop initiatives that would allow the future Belarusian officials and administrators to gain knowledge about the functioning of the public administration of the European countries and gain relevant experience.

In addition, the Polish Minister of Education and Science supported a proposal by Pavel Latushko to create a working group on the education of Belarusian children in Polish schools and students in universities jointly with the United Transitional Cabinet. The group is to focus its efforts on the issues of employment of scientists and teachers, recognition of diplomas, further development of the Kalinowski scholarship program and other initiatives in the interests of the academic community of Belarusians in Poland. On the part of the Cabinet, Alina Koushyk will lead the group.

A particularly important gesture on the part of the Polish government was the minister's proposal to discuss additional tools for financing educational programs for Belarusians. As Przemysl Charnek said, Poland is well aware of the importance of quality education for Belarusian citizens who need to return and build a state from scratch — in the spirit of political freedom, peaceful good neighborliness and European democracy.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland for the voiced position, openness and willingness to cooperate for the benefit of Belarusians who suffered from Lukashenko's regime.


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