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Pavel Latushka and Alina Koushyk met with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education of Poland

Source: NAM-media

The United Transitional Cabinet was happy to hear that Poland will continue to recognize Belarusian student diplomas, despite the cancellation of the Belarusian-Polish agreement by the Lukashenka regime

Deputy Head of the Cabinet Pavel Latushka and Cabinet representative for National Revival Alina Koushyk met with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Polish Government for Development and International Relations in the Field of Education and Science Tomasz Żymkowski and the directors of the departments of the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland.

"We will continue to recognize Belarusian certificates and diplomas. For us, the agreement continues to apply," Tomasz Zhymkowski stated to the proposal of Cabinet representatives to ignore the decision of the Lukashenka regime to cancel the Belarusian-Polish agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas.

Cabinet representatives also discussed the possibility of a joint decision with the Polish authorities, which would make apostilles from the Belarusian authorities unnecessary, and the absence of a CT certificate would not prevent Belarusian applicants from entering Poland if they cannot obtain it due to repression or other valid reasons. It was agreed that with the positive decision of the Polish authorities, the representatives of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland will jointly develop relevant steps in this matter.

The issue of repressed students of Belarusian colleges was discussed. The representatives of the Cabinet agreed that they will develop a procedure by which the repressed Belarusian students will be able to show their status of unfinished Belarusian secondary education, which will give them the opportunity to continue their studies in Poland.

The creation of a network of Saturday schools for the study of the Belarusian language, literature and history with the possibility of issuing diplomas based on the model approved by the United Transitional Cabinet was also discussed.

The Polish side has expressed interest in hiring Belarusian teachers after their diplomas have been certified.

In order to achieve practical results in the specified areas of joint activity, it has been agreed that a working group will be created based on the example of the cooperation of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Poland.


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