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Educational opportunity in the field of local self-government

The University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Free Belarusian University is recruiting candidates for a special training program in the field of self-government

Requirements for candidates:

  • Belarusian citizenship;

  • Completed higher education;

  • Knowledge of and interest in regional and local politics, economy, self-government;

  • fluency in Polish at the level that allows understanding the lectures;

  • Age: up to 40 years old (in exceptional cases older).

Required documents:

  • Completed candidate questionnaire (downloadable here);

  • copy of Belarusian passport;

  • Copy of university diploma/certificate together with the degree obtained;

  • CV with information about education, previous experience, publications, dissertation topic and language skills;

  • A cover letter.

The University of Warsaw offers:

  • Free tuition (lectures, exercises and, if possible, practice)

  • excellent teachers at the University of Warsaw;

  • seats limit: 50;

  • unique modular educational program;

  • teaching languages: Polish, Russian

  • credits, exams, diploma at the end of the program.

The program will take place entirely online. Required documents should be sent to the following address: Deadline for applications: September 10. More information on the University of Warsaw website.

Yuri Gubarevich, responsible for NAM's regional development, about the program:

“In independent Belarus, the first shoots of real self-government were destroyed in the mid-1990s. The vertical of power created by the regime was unable to respond to the problems and demands of the local population.

Despite the long absence of a representative institution, during the events of 2020, the Belarusans uncovered the mass potential of self-organization, creation of backyard and city communities, distribution of responsibilities, solidarity and mutual assistance actions, taking responsibility for solving local problems - all the things that are the basis of real self-government.

Such programs lay a solid foundation for reform in the New Belarus. New specialists, trained on the basis of the modern European experience, will find their rightful place in the joint work on rebuilding our country”.

Don't miss the opportunity to get the knowledge you need to build the New Belarus!


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