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European Parliament Resolution on Belarus

Tribunal for Lukashenko, recognition of the Cabinet, occupation of Belarus, sanctions

What is the value of this document?

1) The resolution welcomes the establishment of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, the first documented international recognition of the Cabinet at this level. The goal is to extend this recognition to the executive branch and transform it into recognition of the Cabinet as the transitional government of New Belarus.

2) The European Parliament notes that "Lukashenko and those associated with him are equally responsible for war crimes in Ukraine and should be held accountable before an international tribunal and the International Criminal Court”. To citizen Lukashenko and his accomplices — a big hello from the future tribunal. You will not escape responsibility.

3) We achieved support for our position on the need to recognize Belarus as an occupied territory (point 10 of the Resolution). The European Parliament will also join the demand for immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus and Ukraine. Official recognition of the fact of occupation creates grounds for official recognition of the Cabinet, for de-occupation of Belarus and legal status for all participants of the national liberation movement.

4) The European Parliament called on the EU Council and the European Commission to prevent sanctions evasion and to mirror the sanctions imposed on Russia to the Lukashenko regime — and to apply this approach in future rounds of sanctions. This is the approach we have been seeking since the beginning of the war. The task is to achieve appropriate sanctions decisions in practice.

The European Parliament also calls to finalize the legal regime for confiscating assets frozen by the EU, including those of Lukashenko, his family and inner circle. And to direct these resources to support victims of repression and support of the democratic forces.

The adoption of the Resolution is the result of the work of the democratic forces and the United Cabinet over the past months. The result is the synchronization of the strategy of the democratic forces and our partners in pressuring the regime. Behind it are hundreds of meetings and letters, analyses and other documents handed over to our partners.

Yes, this is an interim result. But the way forward is open. And so it is time to act!


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