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Democratic forces to European parliamentarians: hear the real voice of the Belarusians

Vladzimir Astapenka
Vladzimir Astapenka

The Belarusian regime is built on lies and complete neglect of the laws, diplomatic ethics, obligations — everything that is the foundation of the peaceful and civilized coexistence of European countries within their borders and with respect for their rights.

This was stated by deputy head of the NAM Vladzimir Astapenka at the conference on Lukashenko's complicity in the war against Ukraine. The forum in the European Parliament gathered experts in international relations and security, politicians and journalists.

Probably the provision of the Agreement on friendship, good neighborliness and cooperation of 1995 — "to refrain from participating or supporting any actions directed against the other High Contracting Party and not to allow its territory to be used to the detriment of the other High Contracting Party" — is something about rockets flying on the Ukrainian heads and Russian tanks at the Belarusian-Ukrainian frontier crossings.

Any support for Moscow — in word, deed, or bread — must be interpreted as a crime of the Lukashenko administration, which has left the inhabitants of the suburbs of Kiev alone with the malnourished punishers from "deep Russia". The looted houses, the mountains of burnt-out cars, and the miles of grave ditches left behind are just one episode of an international tribunal against the dictatorship of Lukashism. A tribunal that has not yet been convened.

Yet the clumsy efforts of the "official Minsk" to outsmart the whole world by denying repression and its misanthropic essence, trying to justify air piracy or absolving itself of responsibility for the corpses of migrants at the borders will fail.

We encourage the international community to support the initiative of Ukrainian parliamentarians to recognize Belarus as temporarily occupied territory and deprive the Lukashenko regime of international legal personality. We emphasize: the task of the United Transitional Cabinet is genuine representation of Belarusians, protection of the sovereignty of our country and national interests of our people.


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