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Since August 2020, Lukashenko hasn't slept a night in peace


Artsiom Praskalovich, Lawyer at the NAM, in an interview for the media resource "Eastory" about his work behind the scenes of the regime and in the People's Anti-Crisis Administration.

Before 2020, Artsiom worked as a civil servant for 14 years: first, at the Ministry of Justice, then — in the Presidential Administration, where he was deputy head of the department and was engaged in the development of bills.

The lawyer notes the formal approach of special services to the recruitment of government officials. In his youth he was a member of the "Young Front" and was nearly put under an article, but on admission to the civil service he underwent a standard check, which did not cause any questions.

"Lukashenko is loyal, I think, to 10-15% of the officials of the Administration. The rest are waiting for a political crisis and are trying to prove to themselves that they are not involved in repression."

Artsiom Praskalovich has been working at the NAM since January 2021, dealing with "constitutional construction of the New Belarus," working out approaches to rehabilitation of victims of the regime and keeping in touch with state officials "behind enemy lines."

"Professionally, I feel good about myself. No longer do I have to think about how to avoid sensitive issues. My job is meaningful; I can finally use my skills for the good of the people. We use all the tools of legal, economic and media pressure and make life difficult for the regime." — Artsiom shares.

The NAM lawyer is sure: Lukashenko doesn't mention democratic forces often for nothing — since August 2020 he hasn't slept a single night in peace. But the real insomnia, Artyom promises, is yet to come for the dictator.


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