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Krzysztof Michalski Prize for Belarusian Journalists in Exile

I have the great honor to inform you that the Embassy of Austria in Warsaw has announced the acceptance of applications for participation in the competition for the "Krzysztof Michalski Prize for Belarusian Journalists in Exile". As a member of the Board of Trustees of the Award, at the request of the Ambassador of Austria in Warsaw, Andreas Stadler, I would like to convey this information to all interested parties.

In the period of brutal suppression of democratic aspirations in Belarus, the dedication of courageous journalists and investigators is more important than ever. They shed light on the truth and thereby make a vital contribution to the formation of civil society and future democracy in Belarus. Their aspiration is encouraged by the award dedicated to the Polish democratic activist and philosopher Krzysztof Michalski. Materials are accepted in 3 categories:

  • analytical journalism that shows the role of Belarusian politics in the international context;

  • journalistic investigation related to Belarus;

  • young talent: for authors under 30 years old (at least 1 year of journalistic work is required).

Conditions of participation:

  • Belarusian author(s) in exile;

  • materials must be published after summer 2020: articles, blogs, published or online (3,000–30,000 characters) materials, audio and video materials (from 5 min. to 1 h);

  • a translated version/extended summary (EN) must be available;

  • only one material may be accepted from one author (a list of the author's other publications and a short biography are additionally attached).

The total prize fund of the award is 30,000 euros (3 categories of 10,000 euros each).

The decision to award the award will be made by an authoritative independent jury, which will include well-known representatives of the journalistic community, embassy employees, and members of the Award's Board of Trustees. Applications should be sent to the email with "Prize for Belarusian Journalists" in the subject of the letter. Winners will be notified by email. The award ceremony will take place in Warsaw in 2024. Sponsor: STRABAG SE.

Applications for the Krzysztof Michalski Prize for Belarusian Journalists in Exile are open until December 4.


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