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Legal conference was held in Nuremberg

"Hijacking a plane is an act of terrorism. The majority of MEPs have no doubts about this"

The main points of the speakers at the first part of the Conference on the crimes of Lukashenka’s regime.

Diana Liberova, a representative of the Nuremberg City Council, recalled the words the German Social Democrats had said to Adolf Hitler: "You can take our lives, but you cannot take our honor".

Lawyer Tomasz Wilinski: "We need to end this horror. I will do everything I can to make Lukashenka and his secret service officers stand before a fair trial. They should be charged with genocide. Lukashenka is a terrorist and a criminal, who must be tried in an international court.

A Lithuanian member of the European Parliament, Petras Astravicius: "The airplane hijacking is an act of terrorism. The majority of MEPs have no doubts about it".

Former Minister of Defense of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski: "We remember that Lukashenka killed his political opponents: Gonchar and Zakharenko, and others. The scale of repression in Belarus is unprecedented for the entire region. Lukashenka terrorizes the peaceful people. We have to raise the question of his responsibility at the International Criminal Court. He is a terrorist. And he will be brought to justice.

Pavel Latushka, Head of the NAM: "Law is what stopped working in Belarus. The law has become an empty word or an instrument of repression. Therefore, as a lawyer and a diplomat, I am convinced that legal pressure is the most important tool to help Belarus become free. I would like to quote Adam Mickiewicz, the famous Slavic poet of the 19th century, born in Novogrudok in Belarus: "For a country to live, rights must live".


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