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Lukashenka confessed to committing war crimes

War in Ukraine Source: Liubomyr Yavorskyi (@LYavorskyi) / Twitter

Lukashenka publicly confessed to committing war crimes — Pavel Latushka gave an interview to the Ukrainian edition of NV

Russian information blow

We are faced with the most serious information impact of the Russian media on the Belarusian society. At the same time, we have recently noted a great demand for information from independent telegram channels, in social networks run by independent journalists, democratic structures and politicians.

Belarusians against the war

Despite the propaganda attack, the attitude of the overwhelming majority of Belarusians, according to various opinion polls on the eve of the Russian invasion, was against participation in aggression against Ukraine, against the actions of the Russian Federation. And these sentiments are preserved on a fairly large scale.

Army conscripts ready to lay down their arms

Among the conscripts, the mood of the majority is anti-war and there is a readiness to lay down arms during invasion of Ukraine.

The geopolitical mistake of the EU in relation to the Lukashenka regime

Here, once again, a geopolitical mistake is being made: if in 2020, when thousands of Belarusians went out to protest in Belarus for six months, the European Union introduced systemic sectoral sanctions against the Lukashenka regime, started real actions to bring him to criminal responsibility, today we would see President Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya or another democratically elected leader in Minsk who would not allow Russia to use Belarus as an ally in aggression against Ukraine.

Lukashenka confessed to committing war crimes

No secret that Putin and Lukashenka planned this operation together, and Lukashenka himself publicly admitted to committing war crimes.

Pavel Latushka also gave an interview to the Ukrainian TV channels "UATVChannel", "Apostrophe TV"


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