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The best option for the Belarusian military is to avoid an act of aggression against Ukraine

Lawyer of the National Anti-Crisis Management Artsiom Praskalovich on the air of Malanka

Now, before the introduction of martial law, before the adoption of any decisions and orders by Lukashenka or his subordinate generals, the best option for the Belarusian military is to avoid any possibility of being involved in an act of aggression by Belarus against Ukraine.

The simplest thing is to get injured, get sick. The sooner a person refuses to participate in aggressive actions that are illegal for the whole world, the less prison term he can get even under the conditions of Lukashenka’s regime.

Russia has private military companies in which citizens of Belarus can also serve. Therefore, it can be assumed that part of the Belarusians take part in the military conflict not on the side of the Ukrainian people, but on the side of Russia.

It is necessary to understand that if Belarusian people will participate in a military conflict for money reward, more serious responsibility will follow in relation to it. This will be interpreted as mercenary. This is not allowed. This is a crime that is prosecuted in most countries of the world, it has the character of universal jurisdiction.


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