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Lukashenka is a fake mediator

Lukashenka should not be allowed to take the role of a "mediator". Lukashenka is an aggressor and a participant in the war against Ukraine. The dictator is trying to get out. It is important that the West does not buy this fake mediation.

It is important for us to separate the Belarusians and the dictator. We have been fighting for a year and a half against Lukashenka’s regime.

Lukashenka became a real tool in the hands of Putin after August 9, 2020.

The EU made a geopolitical mistake in 2020 when it did not actively support thousands of Belarusians who took to the streets in protest.

Lukashenka is a war criminal. He bears absolutely equal responsibility to the Belarusian and Ukrainian people for all the crimes he committed.


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