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What will happen if the Lukashenka regime is recognized as a terrorist?

Recognition of the regime as terrorist and the Ryanair incident, an international tribunal and universal jurisdiction: our action to bring Lukashenka and his accomplices to justice

The National Anti-Crisis Management is methodically working to ensure that the Lukashenka regime is not officially recognized internationally, and with it, is recognized as a terrorist organization.

Earlier, we explained the difference between illegitimacy — a well-established characteristic of the Belarusian dictatorship — and non-recognition (in case you missed it, it’s easy to correct). Today, we want to talk in detail about the recognition of the dictator and his entourage as terrorists, as well as the prosecution of those responsible for crimes against the Belarusian people in the framework of an international tribunal and universal jurisdiction.

What would giving the Belarusians the status of a terrorist regime do? How to prevent the illegitimate authorities from getting away with the situation around the Ryanair plane and the migration crisis? What should be done to initiate an international tribunal against Lukashenka and his accomplices? What is the point of working through universal jurisdiction?


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