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Lukashenko's international isolation

NAM deputy head Vladzimir Astapenka spoke about the activities of democratic forces in the international arena

Is Lukashenko's regime in complete international isolation?

It is too early to talk about complete isolation. We understand that not all countries of the world are deeply immersed in the Belarusian agenda. But civilized countries understand that Belarus needs new legitimate authorities, they have little contact with the Lukashenko regime and build relationships with representatives of the democratic forces in Belarus.

What was the purpose of creating the representation of democratic Belarus in Brussels?

The mission was established last week precisely in the context of strengthening cooperation between democratic forces with international partners and creating a real alternative to the illegitimate Lukashenko regime in a situation when its foreign missions are essentially "sitting on their pants" and hiding from public meetings.

The mission's task is to ensure Belarus' stable presence in the capital of Europe and do everything to make the voice of Belarusians heard in the European and world arena.

What will you do in the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus as Deputy Foreign Minister?

I have already started this work and am trying to help the members of the Cabinet to develop proposals on our strategy and tactics to enhance international relations, to keep the issue of Belarus on the international agenda and find new ways to increase foreign support.

Obviously, such support for our efforts, for the protest of the Belarusian people is important and necessary if we are to come to our common goal in the end.

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