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The mission of a democratic Belarus in Brussels

The Deputy Head of the NAM Vladzimir Astapenka about the Transition Cabinet and Office in Brussels

What do you do in the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus?

I deal with the issues related to setting priorities and plan of actions of the Cabinet. It is very difficult to briefly describe all the large amount of work that we have to do today, but at the heart of this work is the main thesis: to create all necessary conditions for protection of sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus.

We note that Belarus is in fact occupied by Russian troops. We see how the illegitimate Lukashenko’s regime is losing its sovereignty in various spheres, from military and political to economic and any other issues.

Therefore, the task of ensuring the independence and sovereignty of Belarus is the main task in the foreign policy agenda of the Cabinet, which we deal with during our meetings with international partners, speaking at international conferences, maintaining contacts with high-level politicians in all European countries.

It is very important to note that we have their understanding and readiness to assist us in this work, and we are confident that with this support of our international partners we will be able to meet this challenge.

When will the representation office of democratic Belarus in Brussels be open for Belarusians?

I am pleased to announce that the Mission for a Democratic Belarus in Brussels is opening its doors to Belarusians.

We have already scheduled a number of informational and analytical activities on topical issues of Belarus for December. I invite everyone to join them.

The mission in Brussels is open to all Belarusians, and we hope that this point on the map of Europe will become another place for promotion of Belarusian national interests.


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