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Lukashenko will kill further

Pavel Latushka spoke at the Normandy for Peace world forum on September 23

It is important for us to inform Belarusians what theses are conveyed to international partners during meetings, conferences and forums. Just as we make sure that European and American partners do not negotiate with Lukashenko behind our back, the Belarusians should know what representatives of democratic forces say to Western politicians. Nothing about us without us.

At the beginning of his speech Pavel Latushka expressed his gratitude to France for not recognizing Lukashenko and refusing the French ambassador to Belarus to present his credentials to the dictator. This is one of the most important examples of solidarity with the Belarusian people, the Belarusian society, and we remember it and appreciate it very much.

Lukashenko is the most brutal dictator of the current period in Europe. The Lukashenko regime kills opponents, holds hostages thousands of political prisoners, carries out tortures, liquidates 950 NGOs and all independent mass media in Belarus, persecutes for political convictions. Hundreds of thousands of people left the country, fleeing persecution.

This man will continue to kill. The question is, will the world agree? Because the world used to agree. And the world and European diplomacy went along with Lukashenko's regime, continuing a dialogue with him.

Now Europe is being tested. If it does not pass this test, it means that Belarusian society will no longer believe in democracy, freedom or human rights.

For us, it is important that our partners realize: there is a war going on in Europe today, and Lukashenko is an accomplice and the only ally of Putin. There could have been no war if our American and European partners had been more principled about the regime's crimes in 2020. We have spoken loudly: Lukashenko is not just a problem for Belarusians; it's a problem for Europe.

Lukashenko should be given a tough ultimatum to impose total sanctions up to a complete economic embargo and disconnection from the financial system, to prevent the reintroduction of Russian troops into Belarus and the recognition of pseudo-referendums in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

No negotiations with Lukashenko can take place without the participation of representatives of Belarusian society. It is impossible to decide the fate of the Belarusian people without the Belarusian people.


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