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New Slovenian government will support Belarusians in their fight for democracy

Pavel Latushka held a meeting with the Director General for foreign and security policy of the Slovenian Foreign Ministry Ernej Muller within the framework of "The Bled Strategic Forum"

The main topics during the meeting were:

  • The creation, tasks and activities of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, as well as the functional responsibilities of the Cabinet representative on the issue of the transit of power;

  • legal pressure on the Lukashenko regime and the use of the national criminal jurisdiction as a tool to bring the regime's accomplices to justice for mass crimes against Belarusian citizens (possibility of working consultations with the Slovenian Ministry of Justice)

  • Broad application of visa restrictions for officials of the regime, representatives of the security apparatus, who are guilty of repressions against the Belarusian society and the war against Ukraine

  • possible inclusion to the national list of terrorist organizations of the KGB, the Main Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption (GUBOPiK), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other persons suspected of committing especially grave crimes.

As regards the issue of changes in the EU visa policy towards the citizens of Belarus due to the Lukashenko regime's support of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Pavel Latushka noted that representatives of the regime, the power apparatus supporting the aggression should be the target of the restrictions. The application of restrictions against the Belarusian society, which is under repression and does not support the war, is unacceptable. Yernei Muller emphasized that the forthcoming summit of the EU foreign ministers in the Czech Republic (August 31) is of an informal nature and no final legal decisions are taken at such summits.

Pavel Latushka also touched upon the occupation of Belarus by the armed forces of the Russian Federation, threats to the existence of the independent sovereign state of Belarus and measures to counter them.

The representative of the Slovenian Foreign Ministry, taking into account the new government, expressed his unequivocal approach to the unconditional support for the democratic forces of Belarus in the fight for democracy and human rights.

Pavel Latushka also gave an interview to the Slovenian news agency STA and the newspaper Vecer.


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