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New Zealand does not recognize Lukashenka and his government

Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka received a letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand Nanai Mahuto. In the letter, the foreign minister said that New Zealand has a long-standing policy of not accepting official acts of recognition from governments, preferring that recognition can be judged by the nature and level of relations with a foreign government.

The representative of the government stressed that New Zealand has suspended high-level bilateral political (inter-ministerial) relations with Belarus, including at the level of ambassadors of the two countries. New Zealand also added more than 70 persons associated with the regime to the sanctions list, including Lukashenka himself, members of his administration, election commissions, as well as businessmen and law enforcement officials. The letter notes that New Zealand does not provide Belarus with any financial, humanitarian or technical assistance.

 — I welcome the decision of the New Zealand government to completely end relations with the Lukashenka regime, which usurped power in Belarus, which means non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government. I express the hope that New Zealand will continue to support the aspirations of the civil society of Belarus in building a democratic state, — noted Pavel Latushka.

Earlier, the non-recognition of Lukashenko and his government was also indicated in the resolution of the European Parliament of October 7, 2021.


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