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Statement by the leader of the NAM Pavel Latushka in response to the announcement of a strike by the Belarusian workers' union

Pavel Latushko Source: NAM-media

The preparation of a strike is an important element of the strategic proposals previously mentioned by the NAM. And we support the strike, but precisely prepared — as a powerful instrument of pressure on the regime and victory over it.

We also certainly support the idea of staying at home — first of all, as a way to protect your health and life.

In the current epidemiological situation, it is important that such motivation resonates with Belarusians, becoming one of the serious prerequisites for turning self-isolation into a strike.

At the same time, we continue to demand from the regime:

 — to introduce a lockdown in the country and cancel all public events, as all civilized countries, as well as Russia, did;

 — show real statistics on the incidence of COVID-19 and mortality from the virus;

 — open borders for Belarusians so that they can get access to European vaccines;

 — open access to Belarus for humanitarian missions.

Also, the leaders of the democratic forces of Belarus sent a letter to the leadership of the EU, the EU countries and the leadership of COVAX with an appeal to urgently provide assistance to Belarus in the amount of at least a million doses of vaccines.

And we will demand from the regime to accept this help.

We continue to work on external and internal pressure on the regime — with the aim of weakening it and maximizing the effect of a future strike.

We stand for responsibility and coordination, and therefore we urge:

1) all leaders of the labor movement and democratic forces in the near future hold a general meeting, discuss the degree of readiness for a strike, fix the necessary actions to achieve this readiness, as well as prepare proposals for Belarusians — and return to the plan and a comprehensive strategy of action, where responsibility will be indicated each and the role of the strike to achieve victory;

2) based on the results of the meeting, adopt a joint resolution and a unified plan of concrete actions on the strike.

Time to act together. And together be responsible for our decisions.



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