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On the Anniversary of the Slutsk Uprising

The interests of Belarusians should be considered

November 27th commemorates the anniversary of the Slutsk uprising in 1920, a significant event in the defense of Belarusian independence. This uprising showcased the determination of the Belarusian people to fight for their land and safeguard their national interests. The brave soldiers of the Slutsk defense demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the ideals of Belarusian independence, exhibiting courage and loyalty to their homeland. In the late 1980s, this historic event began to be celebrated as Heroes' Day.

The interests of Belarusians must be acknowledged. The ideals of the Belarusian fighters for independence remain relevant today: the aspiration for an independent nation, not merely a territory caught between Poland and Russia. Belarusians steadfastly defend their national interests, just as they did a century ago. Throughout history, Belarusians have strived for peaceful transitions of power during numerous pivotal elections.

However, it is crucial to recognize that if the independence, land, or people of Belarus are threatened, Belarusians are prepared to protect their interests with bravery and dedication to their national principles.

Regrettably, the threat to our country's independence persists. The criminal and puppet regime's efforts to cling to power in Belarus have exacerbated this problem, making it a pressing concern. Nevertheless, like a century ago, all those who currently stand for Belarus desire to live in a free and independent nation. Today, the overwhelming majority of Belarusians share this aspiration. The Belarusian people exemplified their desire for freedom and justice to the world in 2020 when hundreds of thousands united against violence and lawlessness on our soil. Presently, the magnitude of the Belarusians' struggle is unprecedented in history, underscoring our inherent connection to our homeland. Consequently, we will persist in our fight for an independent Belarus. These significant historical events will make us and future generations proud of the bravery and conscience of the Belarusian nation. The current momentous struggle of Belarusians will undoubtedly find its place in the textbooks a century from now—textbooks of a Free and Independent Belarus.

Today, we celebrate Heroes' Day. This occasion serves as a reminder that Belarusians possess a rich history, a remarkable culture, and a valuable heritage. It is what fate has bestowed upon us, what we are fighting for, and what unites Belarusians worldwide. We will defend our independence, and anyone who attempts to encroach upon it will inevitably face our resistance.

Long live Belarus!

Pavel Latushka on 27.11.2023


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