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Opportunity to get a bachelor's degree in Poland

The educational initiative "Belarusian Academy" in partnership with the company "Personnel reserve of New Belarus" announces admission for training 2023/2024 in the specialty Administration in public authorities, self-government and entrepreneurship".

Training at the Konin Management School (Wyższa Szkoła Kadr Menedżerskich w Koninie, Wydział Zamiejscowy - Białystok) includes:

  • Bachelor's degree (3 years):

  • languages of instruction: Belarusian/Russian/Polish;

  • stationary learning, use of educational platforms for online learning;

  • with stationary training, classes are held on weekdays in the evening;

  • The time of online classes and the schedule are agreed with the students;

  • obtaining diplomas from European universities;

  • tuition is paid (bachelor's degree - 1000 euros per year), but discounts are possible.

Submission of documents in electronic form until 15.09.2023 is possible by e-mail:

Belarusian Academy also provides other opportunities, including bachelor's/master's degrees in various specialties and postgraduate education.

Join the "Succession Pool Team, which will help you decide on a specialty and form the required number of students of the chosen course so that training starts on time. We also offer additional opportunities for your professional growth and development: valuable knowledge in the field of state and local government and a unique opportunity to do an internship in the European Union.

Develop and gain new knowledge that will certainly come in handy in New Belarus.



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