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Pandora's Box for European Prosecutors

European prosecutors are afraid to open Pandora's Box

This opinion was expressed by a Norwegian human rights activist at a round table on the problems of the application of universal jurisdiction mechanisms in Oslo. The meeting was organized by experts of the National Anti-Crisis Management.

During the meetings, representatives of the NAM reached an agreement with local lawyers and representatives of the Helsinki Committee to prepare materials for submission to the investigative authorities.

Norwegian legal history is replete with examples of positive outcomes against criminals from the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. However, the peculiarity of these cases was that the criminals hid from justice in Norway, where they were successfully apprehended and convicted.

The Belarusian case undoubtedly differs from such an ideal picture.

The prosecutors are afraid to proceed with such cases and create a precedent, because no civilized country today conducts trials in absentia (in absentia). According to representatives of these structures, it is still necessary to study what this practice can lead to, as well as to develop mechanisms of its application with the involvement of international experts.

But Norwegian human rights defenders, as well as their colleagues from other European countries, are convinced: the absence of the accused on the territory of the country - is not an obstacle to the institution of criminal proceedings at the request of the victim and the announcement of the offender in the international wanted list.

If you suffered from violence at the hands of Lukashenko's regime and live in Norway or any other country — contact us through the NAU chat-bot: @nau_by_bot.

*The NAM team would like to thank the Belarusians in Norway for their help in organizing meetings.


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