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We will stand with Belarus and Belarusian people "as long as necessary"...

We, Belarusians, have been hearing the West repeating these words for more than two years, but still do not understand what they mean. We do not understand how long is this "necessary"? How long will it take?

Because it really takes too long for the West to comprehend that the Lukashenko regime understands only the language of real force. And as long as it takes — it takes too many ruined & taken lives of Belarusians & Ukranians, too many horrible crimes and too many irreparable tragedies.

It doesn’t take long to say that the Lukashenko regime is illegitimate, illegal or criminal. Or all at once. It doesn’t take long to express a "concern", "deep concern" or "extremely deep concern". Or all at once. And it doesn’t take long to say that the West stands with Belarusian people. But it really takes too long for the West to stand up and act swiftly and decisively.

It really takes way too long to comprehend it WAS and still IS necessary to use a real force against Lukashenko — to force him to stop the repressions in Belarus, to stop his violence, to stop his participation in the war against Ukraine.

That it was and is necessary to introduce not phased and delayed sanctions, but shock and paralyzing Lukashenko’s entire system.

That it was and is necessary to publicly initiate criminal cases against Lukashenko and his accomplices.

That it was and is necessary to stop all diplomatic relations with him, to expel his representatives from all international organizations.

That it was and is necessary to recognize the Lukashenko regime as a terrorist one.

That it was and is necessary to recognize Belarus as a temporarily occupied country and recognize Lukashenko’s terrorist regime as a puppet and Russian-controlled.

So is it really necessary to take so long to do all of these things? Or maybe all it takes is a strong political will to do them? I’d say that having such a strong political will is extremely necessary. And that it’s the only thing that is extremely necessary to express regarding the Lukashenko regime instead of all kinds of concerns.

Because standing with Belarusians — as well as standing with Ukranians — while the Lukashenko regime stands behind their backs, equals standing with hostages, while terrorists keep them at gunpoint. Without knowing how long it will take until they’ll start shooting again.

You’ve stood with us long enough. But it’s time to act now.



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