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Pavel Latushka and Swedish Ambassador Stefan Gullgren

Pavel Latushka and Swedish Ambassador Stefan Gullgren
Pavel Latushka and Swedish Ambassador Stefan Gullgren Source: NAM-media

The ambassadors of Switzerland and Sweden were informed about the position of the democratic forces regarding the so-called "referendum"

During the meetings with the ambassadors, Pavel Latushka outlined the strategic directions of the NAM team’s work to put pressure on the regime in order to fulfill the requirements of the Belarusian society: non-recognition of Lukashenka, recognition of him as a criminal and sanctions pressure.

Particular attention was paid to the upcoming "referendum" and the need to develop a common position of democratic countries regarding the non-recognition of this plebiscite in the context of the complete suppression of fundamental rights and freedoms, mass repressions in Belarus and the impossibility of national and international monitoring of the will of the Belarusian people.

Also at the meeting with the Ambassador of Switzerland, the issue of political prisoners in Belarus, including Swiss citizen Natalia Hershe, was discussed.

The Ambassador of Sweden, in turn, confirmed that his country has always consistently supported the demands of the Belarusian society, the application of sanctions as a liability for violations of the rights and freedoms of Belarusians.

Separately, Pavel Latushka outlined the problem of the threat to the independence of Belarus in the context of the escalation of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. It was noted that the topic of Belarus should not fade into the background, despite the current international situation.


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