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Suspended certification of timber industry enterprises

Belarus and Russia were deprived of the right to export woodworking products

On March 8, 2022, the International Board of Directors of FSC decided to suspend the export certification of woodworking and forestry products from Belarus and Russia.

The decision comes into force on March 14. The reason for this decision was the aggression of Russia and Belarus against Ukraine, as well as repressions against workers in this area in Belarus.

After the analysis, it was decided to temporarily suspend certification in Belarus. This decision will have the effect of canceling the current certification of enterprises in Belarus without the possibility of acquiring new certificates, which suspends the export of forest industry products.

The issuance of certificates may be resumed as soon as circumstances in Belarus allow for an objective and impartial assessment of the situation without compromising the safety of those involved and stopping the aggression against Ukraine.

A preliminary investigation of the above circumstances was conducted by the NAM together with journalists from Belsat and Nexta.

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