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Protect yourself and loved ones from the coronavirus

We take matters into our own hands again: protect yourself and loved ones from coronavirus

The illegitimate government of Belarus is unable to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Therefore, Belarusians should take the fight against coronavirus under their personal control. There are three simple measures to help everyone protect themselves from the virus:

  • get a vaccination;

  • wear a mask in public;

  • stay at home if possible and avoid crowded places.

To help other Belarusians protect themselves from the coronavirus, tell them about these simple steps. Send them this post or tell them verbally. You can also download a leaflet from the White Coats Medical Initiative and distribute it among your neighbors in your driveway, home, or the whole neighborhood.

Only we are able to protect ourselves and our families. And so we are taking the fight against coronavirus into our own hands!



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