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Recognition of Belarus as an occupied territory

The NAM team lawyer Mikhail Kirilyuk on Malanka

The recognition of Belarus as occupied makes it possible to place responsibility on who is to blame for the current situation. This is the current Russian government, as the occupier, and the Lukashenko regime, as the puppet government, which is fully or partially controlled by the Kremlin.

The status of occupied territory makes it possible to demand that Russian troops leave Belarus. The absence of this status changes the lives of many Belarusian citizens. Belarusians have already faced the consequences of sanctions, price increases, devaluation and possible default. Recognition of the occupation is another step towards ending the existence of the Lukashenko regime.

Evidence of the occupation — facts of Russian troop movements, military aircraft sorties, missile launches. Belarusians on the territory can help by collecting and documenting evidence.



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