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We know what you did the summer before last

A conference "Mechanisms of Universal Jurisdiction in European Countries. Difficulties of application and opportunities for the Belarusian cases". The international forum was organized by the NAM and its participants were representatives of the United Transitional Cabinet of Representatives on the transit of power Pavel Latushka and on the restoration of law and order Aliaksandr Azarau. In his report the BYPOL co-founder told about the data available to the democracies about the security forces and their victims.

The BYPOL initiative and the Center for Belarusian Solidarity continue to interview Belarusians who have applied for legal assistance. Of the total number of interlocutors, 15 people fit the category of victims of torture and violence. The information and evidence obtained will replenish the common database and will be used to prepare an application to the prosecutor's office in Poland for initiation of a case under universal jurisdiction.

Aliaksandr Azarau also reminded: BYPOL has all the basic information about every citizen of Belarus (from photos and passport data to information about border crossing and property), as well as internal documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including for August 2020: personnel placement, detention records, reports, reports on the use of weapons and much more.

BYPOL's own developed facial recognition system, meanwhile, makes it possible to identify identities from available photos and videos. Facial masks are no problem for the program.

All this information, together with the Uniform Crime Record Book (790 applications), will help identify and prosecute all those involved in crimes against Belarusians since August 2020. Sooner or later. In New Belarus or abroad.

See more about working with Lithuanian and Polish prosecutors in the video.


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