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Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Pavel Latushka and Vladzimir Astapenka met with the ambassadors of the EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland

At the meeting, Pavel Latushka presented an analysis of the internal political and regional situation around Belarus and announced the strategy for the democratic forces of Belarus, proposed by the NAM, for the near and medium term in the external direction.

The following were announced as the most important tasks in the external direction:

 — non-recognition by democratic countries of Lukashenka and his government;

 — recognition of the Lukashenka regime as criminal and terrorist;

 — building up the pressure of sanctions;

 — counteraction to attempts to incorporate Belarus by Russia, the loss of the sovereignty and independence of our country.

During his speech, Pavel Latushka stressed that the democratic forces of Belarus proceed from the importance of promoting in the EU a unified approach "No way back for Lukashenka" and the complete international isolation of the regime.


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