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The NAM and the law firm "KOPEC & ZABOROWSKI" signed a cooperation agreement

On October 7, 2021, a meeting was held between the NAM lawyer Mikhail Kirilyuk and the managing partner of the famous Polish law firm "KOPEC & ZABOROWSKI" — Matey Zaborovsky

The National Anti-Crisis Management and the law firm signed a cooperation agreement. The law firm will provide assistance to Belarusians who have suffered from the repressions of the regime, within the framework of universal jurisdiction in Poland.

— "Pro bono assistance, including in the field of international criminal law, is an important part of the activities of our law firm. The situation with our Belarusian neighbors is special and requires special legal action. I am deeply convinced that thanks to consistent and joint legal action, it will be possible to draw the attention of the international community to the actions of the Lukashenka regime and, as a result, force him to stop repressions against the citizens of Belarus," Matey Zaborovsky is convinced.

Mikhail Kirilyuk has already handed over materials of victims of torture by representatives of the Lukashenka regime in Belarus in August 2020. The materials contain evidence of the involvement of specific officers of Lukashenka’s security forces in torture.

— "We cannot just wait for the power to change in Belarus. If justice within the country does not work, we are obliged to use international mechanisms now. We at the NAM are proud that Belarusians will be assisted by one of the best law firms in Poland. The next step will be a legal conference in Nuremberg, where we will approve a plan that will bring justice to the criminals of the regime closer", — said Mikhail Kirilyuk after signing the agreement.

The Bureau will help to submit new applications to the Polish prosecution authorities. Together we will seek to summon the suspects for interrogation to Poland. In case of refusal, the suspects will be put on the international wanted list and through Interpol.

Also, the NAM and the Bureau will continue to jointly collect evidence of the presence of signs of terrorism in the actions of Lukashenka’s regime and will hand these documents over to the Polish authorities. We will seek official recognition of Aleksandr Lukashenka’s regime as terrorist.


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