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Switzerland's position does not stand up to criticism

The NAM press secretary and foreign policy adviser Artem Brukhan: "The position of Switzerland does not stand up to criticism"

— The lawsuit filed by lawyer Tomasz Wilinski against Lukashenka at the International Court of Justice in The Hague on the fact of torture and murder of peaceful protesters is a precedent.

— The package of documents, which already now amounts to more than 40,000 pages, will be replenished, and the prosecutor can initiate a criminal case at any time, which creates pressure on the regime and increases its toxicity.

— Despite the fact that Belarus has not signed the Rome Statute, all the materials of the case will sooner or later be used to bring the perpetrators to justice.

— In democratic countries, nothing is decided at the snap of a finger, and legal procedures take time.

In addition, this is a matter of political pressure and the interest of Western partners.

— The NAM received an official response from the State Secretary of the Swiss Foreign Ministry regarding the planned presentation of credentials: the position of Switzerland does not stand up to criticism.


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