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The position of the NAM in the wake of the ICAO report

Mikhail Kirilyuk on the details of the NAM’s own study of the ICAO report broadcast on Belsat

"Officials guilty of an act of international terrorism and aviation piracy risk being arrested when leaving Belarus"

The civilized world thinks critically, demands evidence and arguments, and is already asking many questions about the history that the dictatorship is trying to "sell". Our team also has big questions about the "Protasevich / Ryanair case".

We share our thoughts and conclusions in the wake of the report of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) dated January 17, analyzing real facts.

The position of the NAM remains unchanged: a crime that was committed with an obvious political purpose, in a socially dangerous way, as a result of a conspiracy of officials and representatives of the regime, can and should be qualified as an act of international terrorism and/or air piracy.

Our team will do everything possible to ensure that all those involved in crimes against Belarusian society will be punished.


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